TFP is the professionals' shorthand for "Time For Print."  It is an agreed-upon arrangement between the photographer and the model whereby the model offers his TIME in return for PRINTS of the completed photos for his use in self-promotion, outside of a monetary exchange.  It is a great way for a model to build, add to, and enhance his portfolio.  It is also an opportunity for the photographer to work with different men of varied looks, to broaden his artistic vision.

MMPBH will often work on a TFP basis, but it is not a given.  It is made clear up front before the photo shoot whether or not there will be a charge for the session and printed or electronic copies of completed photos.  The most common arrangement for MMPBH is to give copies of all UNRETOUCHED photos to the model, but a charge made for RETOUCHED photos, either individually or a prescribed batch. 

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