Photography By Hugh

Specializing in beautiful portrait photography, boudoir and dudeoir photo sessions.

Hi, I'm Hugh, and I am a portrait photographer - I shoot faces, in close up.  I am based in Kissimmee, FL, but will travel a reasonable distance to shoot an exceptional face.

I've been doing portrait photography for about four years, specializing in male models, mostly headshots and closeups.  I find beauty in every face, and it's my job as the photographer to capture and display what I see when I look at that person's face. I don't need you to wait for a haircut, or to lose ten pounds, or hit the gym.  I want to photograph you as you are today.  I prefer to work with men who have seen my past work and want something similar.  You have to really love my style before even thinking about working with me, otherwise this won't end up in a good place.   Trust me to put you in the best light. 

My "style", as it has developed, is almost a "painterly" look, which evokes a reaction from the viewer,  as you will see in the portfolio of sample headshots. 


1. A healthy body (clean skin and fit body. Muscles don't make a model)

2. A unique look (which are your best features? What makes you stand out?)

3. Versatility (can you take 5 pics and have a different emotion in each of them?)

4. Open-minded (have a positive attitude and be willing to try/wear new things)

5. Professional (be on time, picture ready, and leave the ego at home)

As far as pricing goes, there are many variables that come into play - the length of the shoot and the time required for retouching, as well as any other expenses, so I'd really like to talk to you first.   But at a minimum, the charge is $50 for a two hour shoot and time required to retouch a dozen headshots, which will be delivered to you on a thumb drive for your own use and purposes.  Photo prints can be prepared for a cost. 

You can reach me by cell phone - 516-413-1947; by email; or

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